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CSA information

2020 will be the 15th full season of our CSA program. Veggie pickup will start the second  Saturday in April (weather permitting) this year and will run until the third Saturday in November. (32-33} weeks of fresh produce!!)  Memberships will be pro-rated monthly starting in June. Please contact us for pro-rated membership information.

 We have three sizes of shares this year: 

Ø      Full  (family of four)…………..$1,500 +12 hours

Ø      Mini (family of 2)……………...  $ 1100 +12 hours

Ø      Tiny (single)……………………..$ 850 +12 hours

 Prices are based on a 33-week season and averaged over the whole season. The amount of produce you receive each week will depend on the season and the size share you purchase. There will be less early in the season (April, May, and June). The amount and variety will increase during the summer (July, August, and September) then taper off a bit after frost (October, November). 


What veggies will be available?



Over the course of our season, we grow over 100 different kinds of vegetables, herbs and some fruit. Our produce is seasonal; greens and cool season veggies in the spring; warm season veggies like tomatoes and peppers in the summer; storage crops like garlic and onion, roots like beets and carrots, more cool season greens in the fall. We grow a wide variety of herbs that have many uses, culinary, teas, medicinal, etc. Usually we will have a good variety to choose from May to Oct. What herbs we offer each week will depend on the weather and the time of season.

 This is a partial listing of many of the vegetables and fruit that we grow and the approximate time you can expect them. All is of course dependent on the weather. An early frost can affect the fruit and extremes of hot or cold can affect the amount and availability of certain crops.  This is our best guess, each season is a bit different. We try to  send out a weekly e-mail during the season to keep you updated on what is available eack week.

Ø      April- beets, carrots, green garlic, greens (a wide variety; chard, kale, mustard, bok choi, lettuce, orach, endive, etc.), salad greens, scallions, , radishes,  turnips

Ø      May- beets, carrots, green garlic, greens, salad greens, scallions, peas, radishes, turnips, rhubarb

Ø      June- fava bean, beets, carrots, cabbage, cucumber, garlic scapes, greens (mostly chard, kale), kohlrabi, scallions, peas, radishes, turnip, rhubarb

Ø      July- green beans, beets, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, cucumber, garlic, greens, kohlrabi, onions, summer squash, tomatoes, turnips

Ø      August- artichoke, green beans, beets, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, eggplant, garlic, onion, peppers (sweets and hots), summer squash, tomatoes, tomatillo, turnips, raspberry, blackberry

Ø      September- artichoke, green beans, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celery, eggplant, cucumber, garlic, leeks, onion, peppers, summer squash, tomatoes, tomatillo, turnip, raspberry, blackberry, apples

Ø      October- beets, carrots, broccoli, celery, garlic, greens (like in April), leeks, salad greens, onion, parsnip, winter squash, turnips, celeriac, rutabaga, apples

Ø      November- beets, carrots, garlic, greens, leeks, salad greens, onions, winter squash,  sweet potato, turnips, celeriac, rutabaga, apples, quince


 CSA disclaimer: We work hard to produce these crops through the challenging and ever changing seasons of our high desert region. Being a member of the CSA is an investment in the work leading up to planting and all the way through harvest. Your dividend payments come in delicious produce grown in harmony with nature. However there is always the possibilty of extreme conditions that may delay or completely damage some of our crops. We try to grow a wide variety of veggies so that if we are unable to harvest one crop we have several others to take its place. But Mother Nature is not always kind; late freezes in the spring, early freezes in the fall, wind, hail, snow, rain, etc. can affect what crops we can harvest each week.

How does it work


Circle A Garden is a true CSA operation not a veggie box program. Our CSA is an investment in the future season. You sign up and pay in advance (like a subscription).  This spreads out our income and gives us capitol to work with early in the season. Many of our expenses come before the CSA starts; seeds, fertilizer, labor to plant and care for crops before they are marketable, etc.

 We have three payment options; all, 2 payments, or 4 payments depending on your budget. 

Shares will be pro-rated after June 1 for anyone joining after the season starts.


Each Saturday morning (9-12), you will come out to the farm to pick up your veggies. We set up very much like we do at farmers market. Each week (depending on what is ready to harvest) there will be a set amount of produce for you to pick out and a number of choices for you to make. For instance, your share may be ½ lb beets and/or carrots.  You can choose ½ lb beets, or ½ lb carrots, or ½ lb of a mixture. In addition, we grow several different varieties of each so you can choose what variety you would like to try. Our pickup time will change in mid October (11-2) due to the change in season (darker and colder early in the morning when we need to set up) and the time change.


As our program grows we would like to make pick up day more of a “community” affair, where our members can get together to share recipes, talk about issues and events that are happening, get to know each other and us, etc.


Work requirement

We feel that it is vitally important to re-establish the connection between people and the food they eat. (Who grew it, how it was grown, and why it is important) We feel the more folks know about local, sustainable, and ecologically sane growing practices, the better for our customers, our planet, and our future generations.

To help make this connection, we want you to come out to the farm and learn hands on just what goes into producing the food you eat. We are very flexible. You can set up your time here when it works for you or join us on our scheduled monthly workdays.

Your time here at the farm will be spent learning hands on about the wonder and miracle of growing food. Tasks are many and varied. Some require hard physical labor while others are more sedate. Just what you will be doing will depend on your physical ability, the time of year, and what needs to be done. This is an opportunity for you to learn from experienced growers what goes into the production of your weekly vegetables. We want to make this a fun and rewarding experience for you.


Come and learn about:


Seed Selection

     do you know what a carrot seed looks like?


Soil Fertility and the Soil Food Web

     do you have any idea of the millions of creatures living in good healthy soil?


Planting Seeds and Transplants

     get to witness first hand the wonder of a tiny seed growing into a huge plant that you can take home and feed to your family and friends 


Weed Identification

     how many “weeds” do you think are edible and make a tasty meal?


Insect and Disease Management

     just how many aphids can a lady bug eat?


Harvesting the Bounty

     the fun part of growing; seeing first hand the result of your labor, the pride and joy of knowing you had a hand in growing the food you eat.


The list of things you can learn here is endless; the knowledge of knowing where and how your food is grown priceless!


Farm tour


We are passionate about what we do and love to show folks our farm. Give us a call at (970)249-9725, and we can set up a time for you to come out for a tour of the farm.