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Posted 3/19/2018 3:28pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy  Spring!!

Note: First Veggie Pickup of the 2018 season will be Saturday, April 7th...9 am to noon!!!! That's less than 3 short weeks away..sign up now for am amazing array of early spring treats!! 


So far it looks like we may have radishes, turnips, lots of green leafies..swiss chard, kale, mustards, orach, bok choi and other asioan greens, chives, pineapple sage for the first week. Some other things we may have soon would be salad greens, beta greens, lettuces, endive and escarole, rhubarb..these are growing just a bit slower and may or may not be ready the first week.

Here we are just past mid-March..just past Saint Paddys' day but not quite spring equinox..a pretty sweet place to be this time of year!! {oh, yeah..we are past the time change, too..boo,hiss..we were just getting used to it getting light early!!} Still not much moisture..we've had a couple of little showers..some of them snow the last couple of weeks but not nearly enough. Last night it snowed, barely and the overnight temp was 22 degrees..today it looked like it was going to be shiny but it seems to have changed it's mind. Looks like we might have just a wee storm on Thursday but otherwise fairly warm and sunny. Our next best chance for precip may be sometime next week but...it is springtime and it is Colorado!!

Terry, Alex,our work share folks, Mom, and I have been busy, busy, busy!! Pruning projects are coming along nicely..currant are dine and we are down to one last tree. Still have blackberries to go but we are holding off on them..they just do better if we let them wake up on their own, We got the peas and favas planted outdoors this last week..we we aiming for St. Paddys; day..then planted them a few days earlier to take advantage of the snow we were supposed to have..we were hoping that Mother Nature would water them well..no such luck!! We also planted some onions from our young farmer friend Laura over at High Desert seeds..they are for a seed crop..the onions were beautiful!! we may have to plant some next season to eat!! A;ex and the work share folks have been working on the future tomato and summer squash are..getting it weeded and the cottonwood out so we can plant a quick cover crop. I did some work on the rhubarb patch..I am weeding, fertilizing, and mulching..getting it ready to go for the season. Our next push will be getting beds ready for all sorts of alliums, cabbages, and kohlrabi..and getting them planted. as well as working on the herb beds and working on the raspberry patch.

The high tunnel is looking great..everything is starting to grow rapidly..we can actually see all the red lettuces from the top of the tunnel..we have been able to see the green ones well..the green contrasts with the color of the soil..the reds just sort of blend in until they get bigger!! This morning was a good high tunnel day..Alex and Suzanne planted more lettuces, endive, escarole, and celtice..and seeded another succession of baby pak choi and arugula. Just have another batch of greens and salad lettuces to squeeze in someplace!! They also did some weeding.

I spent much of my time this last week working in the prop house..trimming and fertilizing alliums and all sorts of herbs to move out to the honey house,,we were seriously running out of room!! I also started broccoli, cauliflower for outdoors; peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, and basil for the tunnel and CSA..then I pricked up the cabbages, artichokes, some more herbs, and got a start on the celery before I ran out of soil mix..I have more coming!! Good thiing because celery, rosemary, and lavender are ready to prick up now..more lettuces and that broccoli and cauliflower I started the other day are going to be ready towards the end of the week. And I need to start kales, collards, and more greens for the great out of doors..and there is something else I am forgetting!!

We are under 3 short weeks out from our first veggie pickup of the 2018 season. Please get signed up so you can enjoy a season of many different farm fresh veggies every week April-November. Please go to www.circleagarden.com   If you have any questions or concerns please call me of an evening{970-249-9725} or shoot me an e-mail,, circlea@skybeam.com

Fun happenings here on the farm..maple is blooming..in fact it is almost finished!!.We are seeing all sorts of little green things popping up..garlic, overwintered onions, lemon balm, angelica, dandelions, rhubarb has some huge little red noses, iris, daffodils, weeds{ok so some of the weeds just kept going during the winter!!}

Food for thought.. Question of the month..sooo..what can each of you do to help conserve water?? 

Work days for March..every Saturday..9 am to noon..projects for March include tree pruning, weeding and mulching rhubarb, getting beds ready for alliums. cabbages, and kohlrabi..give me a call 970-249-9725 to set up a day and time!!

Hope you are all ready to enjoy spring!!

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon

Betsy, Terry, Alex, Jeanne, and all of us here at Circle A